Lyn Eckfeldt

Growing up in Southern, Maine, Lyn Eckeldt is more than familiar with the idiosyncrasies of her home state and its people. “Mainers are a breed apart. They’re fiercely independent with a knack for ingenuity and have a wonderfully dry sense of humor. Having lived in Portland, though, I especially enjoyed the cultural diversity that the influx of immigrants has brought to that community. Portland is a vibrant coastal city with as many moods as the weather. It’s one of my favorite places to live and I love featuring it in my books."


Experiences living with a roommate hailing from the deep South gave her a whole new perspective on regional humor and incorporating it into her Blue-blooded murder series has been a delight to write. “Beau’s unique view of life in part stems from his privileged upbringing in a world of Lilly Pulitzer prints and pearls. His dedication to style, especially, is a direct reflection of growing up in a household of women who made playing dress-up an every-day, all-day occasion. It’s only natural for Beau to be consumed with appearance.  It’s an integral part of his identity.”


Lyn currently lives in Florida though retains strong ties to Maine. Besides writing, she designs jewelry, serves lunch to primary school kids and streams a lot of TV.

I have had three standard poodle children , all of whom have been an inspiration for Bacchus. Rufus is our latest addition and I urge you to read his blog  "Rufus Writes Home" featuring his letters from his forever home in Florida to his family back in Dallas.