Her AA sponsor communicates with spirit guides warning her to “Beware of Green Weasels” while her best friend, a gay Southern belle with a penchant for outlandish outfits and extra condiments, becomes engaged to her sort-of kidnapper. Lucy could really use a drink but since sobriety needs a hobby decides to try solve the suspicious death of her roommate’s sister instead. Her intentions aren’t totally honorable, though, as her new boyfriend, who comes with an adorable standard poodle, is the prime suspect and she is determined to clear his name. 


   Set in Portland, Maine, Green Weasels, is the first book of the quirky, humerous, Dead Sober trilogy that follows a hapless thirty-something heroine as she tries to negotiate new sobriety and new surroundings while becoming involved in a murder that spans from seedy strip bars to swanky yacht clubs.

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Maine Murder and Mayhem with a Southern Fried Twist!

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Lucy Hayes has a hot new job and a hot new boyfriend who comes with a great apartment and an adorable standard poodle, but rather than make her happy, it makes her nervous. Things never go this well for long, and soon her fears are realized when her boyfriend's wife is murdered, and Lucy quickly becomes the prime suspect.

Meanwhile, her gay, Southern belle roommate, Beau, has no time for Lucy's troubles. He has a Christmas Eve wedding to plan and expects Lucy, as maid of honor, to fulfill her numerous duties. Overwhelmed, Lucy's sobriety is hanging by a thread, and her sponsor's cryptic spirit guide warnings, now manifesting through bees, are of little help.

Unfortunately, getting to the truth isn't easy, and as she spars with an aggravating, but attractive detective with an endearing golden retriever of his own, it becomes apparent that even those closest to Lucy aren't who they seem to be.

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It’s Prom season and Beau is determined to be crowned Queen, but when he goes missing, Lucy calls his cousin, Lil’ Ricky for help. Unfortunately, Lil’ Ricky is anything but helpful and when an over-tanned FBI agent gets involved with the mysterious disappearance of young immigrant girls, Lucy’s life is once again turned upside down.


The last installment of the Portland, Maine, placed series finds Lucy still working in the catering kitchen and torn between two lovers. While contemplating her choices, murder strikes close to home leaving her smack dab in the middle of a police investigation . . . again. Luckily Beau’s prom preparations, unexpected company, and Bacchus keep her too busy to dwell for long. After all its Spring . . . and love, murder and mayhem is in the air!